The 2021 CRC is coming up at the end of April and is to be held in Green Bay, WI.

With COVID still out there and some people being more afraid of public places and meetings we are asking you to please take a moment and visit our chapters ASHRAE website: On the top of the home page you will find a single Poll question; “How will you be attending the CRC in April?” (You may have to scroll to the right a bit depending on your window size)  We are trying to gauge in person attendance, so if you could take a moment and go to this site, it would go a long way in helping us finalize our plans for this event. We are asking for you to do this before 1-29-21 as we have to make our decision soon. At this time we are hoping to have a hybrid meeting with part virtual and part in person. Your responses will help us decide how much, if any, will be in person.



Check out the 2020 MN Chapter History Display.  Click the link below to download!