Chapter President's and Service Awards

Each year the Chapter President identifies individuals who have gone above and beyond their duty for their respective position and provides them with an award.

This year the award winners were:

Lauren Sweeney and Brian Jennissen!!


Please join us in congratulating Lauren and Brian as they join our other award winners in this time-honored tradition!!


Year Name For
2019-20 Adam Niederloh President
2019-20 Brian Jennissen Presidents Award - exemplary performance - Treasurer
2019-20 Lauren Sweeny Presidents Award - exmplary commtiment - SRC and Volunteer
2019-20 Vin Gupta Appreciation of exemplary commitment - Scholarship
2019-20 Amanda Kilbane Appreciation of exemplary commitment - Education
2019-20 Drew Samuels Appreciation of exemplary commitment - YEA
2019-20 Russ Landry President
2018-19 Javier Navar Presidents award
2018-19 Jane Opoien Appreciation of exemplary commitment -  ECC and Student Activities
2018-19 John Rieke Appreciation of exemplary commitment to ASHRAE MN Chapter
& Region VI
2017-18 Rob Warnke President
2017-18 Luke Rose Presidents award
2016-17 Duane Rothstein President
2016-17 George Rothenberger Presidents award
2016-17 Richard Hermans Commitment to the MN Chapter of ASHRAE
2015-16 Leighton Deer President
2015-16 Brian Jennissen Presidents award
2015-16 Eric Johansen Commitment to ASHRAE Education Activies
2015-16 Adam Niederloh Commitment to Electronic Communications
2015-16 Doug Wolf Commitment to Electronic Communications
2015-16 Dr. Thomas Kuehn Dedication and Service to a Lifetime of ASHRAE Research
2014-15 Dan Chudecke President
2014-15 Aaron Stotko Presidents award
2014-15 Rolf Blom Commitment to MN ASHRAE Refrigeration Seminar
2014-15 Mike Comstock Commitment to MN ASHRAE Golf Outing
2014-15 Darryl Rangel Commitment to MN ASHRAE Golf Outing
2013-14 Vin Gupta President
2013-14 Katy-Jo Grandahl Presidents award
2013-14 Chuck Taft Commitment to ASHRAE Student Activities
2013-14 John Rieke Commitment to ASHRAE Research
2013-14 Martha Hewett Commitment to ASHRAE Technical Activities
2012-13 Tim Manz President
2012-13 Doug Wolf Presidents award
2012-13 Dr. Thomas Kuehn Commitment to ASHRAE Research
2012-13 Brian Jennissen Commitment to MN ASHRAE Student Activities
2011-12 Ned Rector Presidents award
2011-12 Al Tillman Dedication to the minnesota chapter
2011-12 Gary Fischbach President