Minnesota Chapter – Research Promotion

Since 1919, ASHRAE has supported research to improve the quality of life. ASHRAE Research impacts the industry by improving the way HVAC&R systems work, how they are applied and allow development of technical information to create standards and guidelines, which serve as the basis for testing and design practices around the world.

The Society funds thousands of projects addressing topics such as sound, duct design, the effect of oil in refrigerants, load calculations, thermal conductivity, simplified energy analysis procedures, weather data, refrigerant property data, fire and smoke control and solar design. The most significant ASHRAE research is in the areas of human comfort and the properties of materials and systems used in buildings and refrigeration systems.

Research and Your Health - ASHRAE Research is working in the health arena to help:

  • Prevent more than 70,000 surgical site infections that occur each year

  • Decrease the spread of airborne diseases

  • Improving cancer treatment methods

Research in Your Workplace - ASHRAE Research is learning more about how commercial buildings can:

  • Conserve energy in hot and humid climates

  • Select boilers for efficient heat use

  • Allow drifting temperatures to save energy

At Home and At School - ASHRAE Research is:

  • Exploring whether temperature and air quality improve the performance

  • Understanding the relationship between occupant health and ventilation rates

  • Evaluating how food preservation is influenced by storage conditions

This would not be possible without the individuals and organizations that have chosen to support ASHRAE’s vision with their financial contributions. To continue our progress, we need your support as well. To make a donation to ASHRAE Research, please click the link below:

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Committee Chairs: Drew Samuels and Jacob Sevelius