Refrigeration Seminar

Committee Chairs: John Collins, Rolf Blom

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The Minnesota ASHRAE chapter wants to thank the speakers who took time to present at the 2017 Refrigeration Seminar. We appreciate their time, efforts, and travels to make the seminar possible. The knowledge they shared is valued by the members that attended.  You can view the presentation slides by clicking the titles below.


2017 Minnesota ASHRAE Refrigeration Seminar Speakers

Phil McConnell – Heat Reclaim – Applications and Design

John Withouse – Refrigerants & Regulation Updates

Bruce Hierlmeier – High Glide Refrigerants

Alan Niles – Chiller Loops


The Refrigeration Committee would like your help in organizing next year’s seminar.  We would like your input regarding topics you would like to see presented and potential speakers for next year’s event. Please forward this information to Rolf Blom at: